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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Normal what?!

I do not know what normal is. I have no normalcy in my life, just crazyness! ;) It keeps life interesting I suppose, but sometimes I just want to be boring. I just want to wake up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, go to bed...for like a whole the same thing over and over. No drama, no problems, no issues to solve. But no, I have to deal with crazy things's always something, right?! (Now, mind you, I am not complaining..I think it's funny..I feel very blessed by my life and am very happy to be here...I know it could be much worse! God has done amazing things for Ryan and I.)

On that note:

Our bathtub has been kind of slow to drain lately. We have used drain-o and different products but haven't been too concerned about it because within 5 minutes it would finally, completely drain. We figured we would eventually get it professionally worked on but for now it should be fine.

Our heater has been acting up as well. The pilot light will blow out sometimes and we have to re-light it and sometimes it wont cut off when it should, just different stuff like that. We are renting an old house, so of course problems arise. We would just re-light it and not really bother with it at the time.

Well, this is when not fixing stuff when you should becomes a problem!

Yesterday morning I woke up...thinking...dang, it's cold! Stupid pilot light! I get up to go check out the scene and, by george, it was 55 degrees in the house!! O M G...freeeezing. At this point, Ryan is already at work and I am unable to get the stupid thing fixed. I want to cry because I can't feel any part of my body from complete frost bite. (not literally, but come on!)

Well why not go take a nice hot shower to get these chills out of my bones then I will call the landlord? Oh heavens. (Ryan takes a shower everynight when he gets off work..considering he works on diesels and is extremely dirty. -- The night before Ryan told me the bathtub was taking longer than normal to drain and I just ignored him..Ooook, of course, something else for me to deal with...) Well, low and behold the tub STILL hasn't drained -- there was standing water from like 12 hours ago when Ryan last took his bath. GREAT, JUST GREAT.

Now, not only am I freezing but I cannot take a shower! Remind you, this is.... oooh 9 o'clock in the morning... well after contacting my (not so nice) landlord 5 times, 2 workers showed up at 5: 30 PM ! So, I had to sit in my filth and completly frozen all day. Miserable much?

I understand people can't just JUMP to help at the snap of a finger but DANG...55 degrees and no shower?!?! Maybe it's my fault, I shouldn't have waited until it got so bad, I should have called at first notice of problems but as a renter, I feel bad bothering my landlord so much! I was hoping the problems would just go away or something! HaHa.

Anyways, the day got better...we heated up the house to atleast 80 so I could thaw out and I took a nice looooong hot shower that was MUCH needed! ;)

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jill said...

hope you're nice and warm today, sweet girl!!!!