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Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm So Random

Yes, I've been semi-absent for about a week. But no internet access will do that to you!

I just took about 5 hours of my life catching up on all my fav blogs and figured I should do a little post to catch you guys up. I have some random things I thought I would share!

1. I WANT AN E-READER. PERIOD. I love reading, I do it all the time. I am always in the middle of some book. I don't have any favs or anything particular I read, just any book I can get my hands on at the time. Right now I am reading Married Lovers by Jackie Collins. Super cute!

I read, maybe, 2-3 books a month. Were in the world I find the time is unbeknowing (is that a word?) to me. ANYWAY, I think an e-reader is really up my alley. I do not give a poop what kind, where from, how much, I just want one already!! The fact that I don't already have one is WILD in my opinion but apparently I am just cheap. Here are a few that I would take:

2. Am I the only person that participated in the McDonald's 50, yes FIFTY, chicken nuggets for $9.99 ??? What a S T E A L. No, my husband and I DID NOT eat all 50 by ourselves. We took it as our snack to the Super Bowl party that we attented last night. There was some left over but I think it was so worth it! You could feed a family of 5 off of that..for $9.99! Ridiculous!

3. Off The Map is the best show on TV right now. If you do not watch it, please start immediatly. I think only 4 episodes have come on, EVER, so you aren't too far behind! It is suuuper good. It's about these doctors that go to the "Jungle" to work at this clinic or something like that. Either way, it is a must see, plus I don't want it to go off the air, so I really need you to tune in! ;)

4. My super cool sister, Jessica, is making these new bow thingys for goes on there collar and they are super fab...but that will be a whole post in stay tuned for that!

5. I love all things books, food, movies, tv, etc. so if you have any favs let me know I will check them ooout!!


jill said...

it looks so good over here!!!! is this the work of the amazing jess???? love her! and p.s. i won't be satisfied until i get my own bucket o' nuggets. gee thanks. hahahaha! xoxoxo

Mommyto3andahusky said...

I have my kindle and I love it! I hope you get an E-reader. Don't forget to check for the free kindle books everyday on Amazon! I think I have a blog coming out about it here soon. Thanks for your sweet comment! Better to leave the masterpieces inside! :)