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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hannah's VDay Paaarta!

Hannah had a super fun Valentine Party at school on Monday! Ryan and I OF COURSE had to be there...we love going to all her school events. It just seems so crazy that we have a Kindergartener.

Here is Hannah and I eating some goodies:

and Daddy and Hannah still eating goodies (there was LOTS of sugar involved!):

This was the kids little set up before they came in. Inside the bag was "Candy Grames"..and Valentines from the other kids. Candy grames are .50 cents each and the kids or parents could send them to anyone in the school. Hannah sent them to some friends and teachers and she got one from her Daddy and Biggy (thats me) and Ryan's parents and some of her friends.

Since I am in the PTCO, formerly PTA, I was in charge of bringing the balloons. Do you know how hard it is to get 17 balloons in and out of buildings and in and out of your car?? It was well worth it thought b/c the kids loooved them!

Besides the party, I have been up to a few other things this week. Yesterday morning my internet at home was finally set up! 29 hours later, 6 phone calls later, and 2 technicians later I finally was able to get on the internet!! Aaahhh! Let us see how long it will stay on, shall we?

I'm am also in the process of trying to sale our wonderful little motorcycle. It is no longer needed..Ryan LOVES it, very much, but it is time to let go and move on. (I am not forcing him, trust me.)
This isn't the best picture but it's all I had.
Oh, and I am playing the Monopoly game at Albertsons... this is my first time and I looove it. So much fun.. dang I'm lame.

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Tiffany said...

What school does Hannah go to? Shes so cute! I want a balloon! :)