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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goals for February

One of my sweet little blog buddies, Katie @ Modern-Day Family, has started doing monthly goals on her blog. I think it is super neat and have pondered doing them myself!

I could actually get some stuff lined out that I want/need to do by setting goals down in writing. It might actually help me get stuff done. I love lists and plans so I think monthly goals is really up my alley.

This is what I have come up with so far:

1. Cut Coupons! -- a friend at work does this and saves TONS of mullah, plus it's like a little hobby/obsession on the side that she really enjoys -- getting the thrill of the deal if ya know what I mean.

2. Do ATLEAST one load of laundry per night (wash,dry,fold) -- My hubby and I have a serious issue with laundry. If you saw my laundry room you might just faint, there is about 7 HUGE bins overflowing with dirty laundry. I cannot stand laundry -- it is my biggest weakness. MAYBE if I did atleast one load per night I could stay on top of it -- instead of doing 15 loads every weekend. And believe you me, we have been known to only do two loads per week: scrubs and his work uniform. Quite sad. Side story: This past November when I was once again trying to catch up on laundry by spending my entire Saturday in the laundry room -- I found a dirty bathing suit. Yes, it had been atleast 4 months since the summer and I was still finding dirty bathing suits! Grosssss.

3. Cook more MEALS at home -- Hubs and I don't eat out THAT MUCH but we don't eat good meals in either. I capitalized meals because when I cook at home it's more like hot dogs, ramon noodles, corn dogs, ya know, junk! So I want to start actually preparing decent, healthy, good meals for me and him. I do cook casserols sometimes and spaghetti out of the jar but nothing to really brag about. So, I want to start cooking meals like my momma did when I was home!

At this point this is all I have come up with. I know there is more I need to do but this is my first month to try this out so I don't want to be SUPER overwhelmed!

We will see how this goes and hopefully carry on to other months not just February.

Do you have any goals you want to accomplish this month?!?!

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