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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Craziest Day Ever Part 2

As if my dog getting maced wasn't enough... my day got even crazier!

My sweet mother called me up and asked if we could store an organ in our house for her and my stepdad. Apparently, back before Christmas, my stepdad was at a silent auctin for Toys for Tots and purchased an organ. They just now called to have it delivered and since we live in town (they live in Redwater) it would be easier for them just to bring to my house. No problem...I mean it's just like a little ol piano right?? WRONG! This sucker is huuuge and all the crazy parts that go with it! Here is the big beauty:

Dang near THREE times the size of my couch. (See small little Hannah compared to this massive instrument.)
This is the pedals that go with it... everything is nice and dusty as you can see:

And then the speakers: (about six feet tall)

Well, thank you mother for this lovely piece of equipment. Now what in the world am I supposed to do with this?! My sweet mom says that they are going to try and sale it or donate it to a church or something of that sort -- but I am so sure it won't be tomorrow. Probably next year.
Yay for me.

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