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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Craziest Day Ever Part 1

This day began as normal as any other. Ryan and I were both off work... so we got up... watched TV, ate breakfast... went about our business. Well, about 11 am... things drastically changed.

Axel and Spike.. our believed little boys... (pic on right side bar) were outside; roaming there territory, barking at the wind, doing there thing, when we heard a shreak. Ryan runs outside to investigate and there is a man from our gas company OUTSIDE our fence spraying my dog who is INSIDE the fence in the face with some liquid from a bottle. Axel is screaming and running around not understanding what the crap is going on. Ryan picks him up and the guy takes off. Ryan runs inside screaming.. telling me what was going down.

At this point, I am scared. I was like WHAT??! heart is racing and I'm only thinking MURDER. I am going to hurt this man... now I understand it is just a dog as some people like to say... but I consider my boys part of this family.. and if you jack with them.. you jack with me.

I run outside and see the guy driving off.. so I scramble to find my keys, give them to Ryan and say GO!

He chases the guy down to ask him WHAT THE HECK?! (sensored). He explains to Ryan that he cannot tell him what he sprayed in my dogs face about 20 times or what it was called. Ryan... a lot calmer than I would have been... told the man in a few choice words that this was NOT the end.

As Ryan is doing so, I am calling the vet, searching online, and rinsing my dogs face with milk and water. He cannot open his eyes and is foaming at the mouth. I was SHAKING from complete madness. I do not believe I have EVER been so angry. My dog is 13 lbs and was inside a fence..that this idiot was not in!! My dog was protecting his territory and family and this dummy has the nerve to hurt him!! My dog was barking at him..through the fence...because he was TRESPASSING! I am aware that this is his come in my yard and check my meter..but politely knock on the door and ask if we can bring our dogs in. Do not mace him.

We were both inside..both our cars were in the drive-way. I just see no reason for his actions.

Once everyone calmed down, and Axel was a tad better...I called the gas company and it was NOT pretty. I had a few choice words with a women, who transferred me to corporate in Houston, who told me she would have a supervisor call us back.

The supervisor took about an hour to call back and rudely apologized. He sounded like he could really care less. He said his worker felt threatened. Im sorry?!?! Threatened by a 13 lb dog that is on the OTHER side of the fence from you??? Apparently, policy is...if there is a dog in the fence to knock on door, if no answer, then leave without reading meter and send letter in mail...BUT he felt threatened by (may I remind you) a 13 lb dog that was on the OTHER side of the fence from him!! Ryan told him that this I will not say (dunno why!)... is NEVER to step foot on our property again. That he better be glad all he got was cursed out and not *beep* *beep* *beep*. He said he would put an electronic reader on our meter so they no longer had to come out. Well THANK YOU! (sarcasm much?) Thank you for tramatizing my dog. The guy did say policy and procedures were being looked at and this is NOT supposed to happen. Ryan did tell the supervisor that he is going to do this tone day to the wrong mans dog and get caught up in something he doesnt want (if you catch my drift).

I do not give a crud who or what you are... do NOT mess with someones dog who is in there own fenced in backyard just trying to protect their property. I am still furious just thinking about it. I sweet baby was MACED! Do you understand how bad that have to have hurt?? How bad it burned?? FOR NOTHING...because this idiot gets kicks from it??!

I need to buy a vowel... OOOOOO my gosh! Needless to say, Axel has been super spoiled ever since...eating human food and getting lots of loving from me, daddy, and lil!

BUT, as the title says...this is ONLY part 1 of this crazy day....stay tuned.

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