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Friday, February 25, 2011


Is that a dirty-wordy? I don't think my daddy is going to like that....

Anyway, it pretty much sums up this post... just crap.

1. Yesterday it came one heck of a downpour. After the tornado (not really, but almost) passed, we went outside on the back porch. Hannah looked up at the sky, shock her fist all Gone With the Wind style and said "Curse you rain!!" Ah, classic.

2. We went to Albertsons yesterday and as soon as we got our buggy Hannah yelled, "Who farted?!?" Needless to say, EVERYONE at the registers looked at us, some laughed, some glared. I was bright red.

3. Ryan and I got a Sam's account today! Totally plan on spending mucho money there this weekend.

4. We watched Boondock Saints last night for the first time and WHAT. A. MOVIE. I loooved it! Must see fo sho.

5. I laid in bed last night, couldn't fall asleep b/c my mind was racing. Wanna know what it was thinking?! Why do people say "check out" instead of "look at." (People including me.) CHECK OUT that crazy man. CHECK OUT that cool car. Who cares?? Who thinks of that crap?? Why me??

That's all.

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