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Monday, February 28, 2011

Tomorrow = Day 1

Tomorrow is the BIG day! Well, not THE BIG day but a pretty dang BIG day. I am so excited I cannot even think straight.

Tomorrow I start my Advocare 24-Day Challenge.

Tomorrow is the beginning to the end of my big ol' booty.

Tomorrow is the day I get my life back..I get my self-esteem back. And. I. Am. Thrilled.

And nervous. Can I do this? Will I stick to this? Will it be hard? Will I lose weight? Will I have the will power, the motivation to accomplish this goal?

I think so, I think I can do this, I think I will stick to it, I think it will be hard but I can overcome that, I think I will lose weight and I think I have the will power and motivation.


Honestly though, I am super thrilled and ready to start this amazing journey. I know Advocare is for me. I am very excited to see where this takes me and possibly my friends and family. I want to be an example to show people it is possible to lose weight using healthy products. I want others to see that you can be happy and healthy all at the same time!

Not many people that I know, know about Advocare. Advocare is a "world-class nutrition company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance." At this time, I am choosing to do the weight management portion until I get to where I want to be then will move on to other products.

I want to document this journey here on my blog. I can look back and see what I have accomplished and how far I have come. If you want to follow me in my journey..PLEASE DO...I need supporters! If you want to join in my journey..DO THAT TO! This is my website (which is where the above quote came from) that talks about all the products and anything you would want to know about Advocare. I will be updating frequently on my journey...things I like, hate, what I feel, how I am doing, everything. Like I said, it will be a great reference for me in the future.

Tomorrow night I will post on how my first day went! Wish me luck!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Is that a dirty-wordy? I don't think my daddy is going to like that....

Anyway, it pretty much sums up this post... just crap.

1. Yesterday it came one heck of a downpour. After the tornado (not really, but almost) passed, we went outside on the back porch. Hannah looked up at the sky, shock her fist all Gone With the Wind style and said "Curse you rain!!" Ah, classic.

2. We went to Albertsons yesterday and as soon as we got our buggy Hannah yelled, "Who farted?!?" Needless to say, EVERYONE at the registers looked at us, some laughed, some glared. I was bright red.

3. Ryan and I got a Sam's account today! Totally plan on spending mucho money there this weekend.

4. We watched Boondock Saints last night for the first time and WHAT. A. MOVIE. I loooved it! Must see fo sho.

5. I laid in bed last night, couldn't fall asleep b/c my mind was racing. Wanna know what it was thinking?! Why do people say "check out" instead of "look at." (People including me.) CHECK OUT that crazy man. CHECK OUT that cool car. Who cares?? Who thinks of that crap?? Why me??

That's all.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's True

I have officially became an AdvoCare Distributor!

And I am sooo thrilled!! I have researched these products for a few weeks on the Internet, with actual users and other distributors and at meetings.

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and I can honestly say I am beyond happy. These products are truly amazing and I wouldn't say that if I didn't believe it.

I am starting the 24 day challange (pictured below) this coming week and am super pumped! I have several close friends that have done it themselves and the results are AWESOME. Of course there are success stories you can read on the Internet but actually knowing people personally that have done this...and that it has worked wonders on...means a whole lot more!

There are lots of different products depending on what you specifically are looking for. I am looking towards weight loss and I plan on accomplishing my goals in the very near future. I will keep you updated weekly on how I am doing on the 24 day challenge and what results I am seeing! I am sooo excited!! (can you tell!?)

This is my website just in case you want to see what I'm talking about!:

Hanna's Advocare Website

I am not posting about Advocare to try and sale products but to document my experience for others to see and to reference back to.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Normal what?!

I do not know what normal is. I have no normalcy in my life, just crazyness! ;) It keeps life interesting I suppose, but sometimes I just want to be boring. I just want to wake up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, go to bed...for like a whole the same thing over and over. No drama, no problems, no issues to solve. But no, I have to deal with crazy things's always something, right?! (Now, mind you, I am not complaining..I think it's funny..I feel very blessed by my life and am very happy to be here...I know it could be much worse! God has done amazing things for Ryan and I.)

On that note:

Our bathtub has been kind of slow to drain lately. We have used drain-o and different products but haven't been too concerned about it because within 5 minutes it would finally, completely drain. We figured we would eventually get it professionally worked on but for now it should be fine.

Our heater has been acting up as well. The pilot light will blow out sometimes and we have to re-light it and sometimes it wont cut off when it should, just different stuff like that. We are renting an old house, so of course problems arise. We would just re-light it and not really bother with it at the time.

Well, this is when not fixing stuff when you should becomes a problem!

Yesterday morning I woke up...thinking...dang, it's cold! Stupid pilot light! I get up to go check out the scene and, by george, it was 55 degrees in the house!! O M G...freeeezing. At this point, Ryan is already at work and I am unable to get the stupid thing fixed. I want to cry because I can't feel any part of my body from complete frost bite. (not literally, but come on!)

Well why not go take a nice hot shower to get these chills out of my bones then I will call the landlord? Oh heavens. (Ryan takes a shower everynight when he gets off work..considering he works on diesels and is extremely dirty. -- The night before Ryan told me the bathtub was taking longer than normal to drain and I just ignored him..Ooook, of course, something else for me to deal with...) Well, low and behold the tub STILL hasn't drained -- there was standing water from like 12 hours ago when Ryan last took his bath. GREAT, JUST GREAT.

Now, not only am I freezing but I cannot take a shower! Remind you, this is.... oooh 9 o'clock in the morning... well after contacting my (not so nice) landlord 5 times, 2 workers showed up at 5: 30 PM ! So, I had to sit in my filth and completly frozen all day. Miserable much?

I understand people can't just JUMP to help at the snap of a finger but DANG...55 degrees and no shower?!?! Maybe it's my fault, I shouldn't have waited until it got so bad, I should have called at first notice of problems but as a renter, I feel bad bothering my landlord so much! I was hoping the problems would just go away or something! HaHa.

Anyways, the day got better...we heated up the house to atleast 80 so I could thaw out and I took a nice looooong hot shower that was MUCH needed! ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bucket List

I have a pretty extensive list of different things I want to do before I kick the bucket. Some are crazy/fun/silly but most are real/true/honest dreams that I have had and will continue to have until I am able to reach them. I hope to accomplish all things on my bucket list one way or another and I figured what better way to document them then to put them on my blog! As I am able to scratch something off my bucket list I will definitly share..or if I add anything, of course.

My Bucket List

1. Write a novel.

2. Go snowboarding.
Ever since I watched Dumb and Dumber for the first time, I have had an addiction to the snow! I have always wanted to travel to Colorado (Aspen, specifically) and see all the snow and play in it and ski and snowboard in it!

3. Travel to Uganda to meet Katie Davis.
This is actually a pretty new goal I have acquired. About 1 year ago, I came across a blog by Katie Davis and have wanted to go visit her ever since!

4. Be debt free.

5. Own a successful cupcake shop.

6. Read the Bible.

7. Run a marathon.
I am by no means a runner, so I feel this would be very cool for me to train and complete a marathon.

8. Graduate college.

9. Become CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
This one is a little weird and probably not on most peoples wish list. But I am a nerd and am studying to be an accountant and since my junior year in high school have wanted to be a CEO.

10. Adopt a baby.
I want to have children as well..but I feel adopting is SUCH an amazing thing and would love to be a part of that.

11. Decorate someone’s home.

12. Own a Jaguar.
Yes, a Jaguar is my dream car!

13. Travel to New York.

14. Learn sign language.

15. See a play on Broadway.
I absolutly adore musicals..seeing one live would be awesome!

16. Learn to play the piano.

17. Go parasailing.

18. Go on an Alaskan cruise.
Have you seen pictures from an Alaskan cruise?! So beautiful..I want to experience that!

19. Solve a Rubik’s cube.

20. Learn calligraphy.
I love fonts and have been obsessed with perfecting my handwriting since middle school. I think being able to write calligraphy would be such a cool trait to have.

21. Learn how to play chess.

22. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

23. Donate blood.
Many people do this daily, and I could easily drive 1 mile to the blood place BUT I am scared to death of needles and feel the need to faint when I get my blood drawn so refuse to do it more than I HAVE to.

24. Be on a reality TV show.

25. Weigh 130 lbs.

26. Own a beach house.

27. Attend the Summer Olympics (swimming and gymnastics.)

Do you have a bucket list? What do you wish to do before kicking the bucket? ;)

This is my first time to do Linky-- not really sure if this works but I did what it said!! Link up and tell everyone whats on YOUR bucket list!!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 years

Ryan and I are celebrating 3 years together today! We have only been married 5 months but have been dating since 02-20-2008. So, although it isn't our official anniversary, I still like to count it! The past 3 years have been unbelievable. We have had crazy, fun, weird, amazing, loving, and hating times but I wouldn't take anything back for a second. We have made some amazing memories and I often wonder what in the world I did without him.

Ryan is the most amazing man, father, husband, son, provider, and God lover I have ever met. He is very smart and teaches me new things everyday. I cannot wait to see what the next 100 years will hold for us.

I am so thankful to have this amazing man in my life and I love him with all my heart. He is my best friend and soul mate. I love you is to many more laughs!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Craziest Day Ever Part 2

As if my dog getting maced wasn't enough... my day got even crazier!

My sweet mother called me up and asked if we could store an organ in our house for her and my stepdad. Apparently, back before Christmas, my stepdad was at a silent auctin for Toys for Tots and purchased an organ. They just now called to have it delivered and since we live in town (they live in Redwater) it would be easier for them just to bring to my house. No problem...I mean it's just like a little ol piano right?? WRONG! This sucker is huuuge and all the crazy parts that go with it! Here is the big beauty:

Dang near THREE times the size of my couch. (See small little Hannah compared to this massive instrument.)
This is the pedals that go with it... everything is nice and dusty as you can see:

And then the speakers: (about six feet tall)

Well, thank you mother for this lovely piece of equipment. Now what in the world am I supposed to do with this?! My sweet mom says that they are going to try and sale it or donate it to a church or something of that sort -- but I am so sure it won't be tomorrow. Probably next year.
Yay for me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Craziest Day Ever Part 1

This day began as normal as any other. Ryan and I were both off work... so we got up... watched TV, ate breakfast... went about our business. Well, about 11 am... things drastically changed.

Axel and Spike.. our believed little boys... (pic on right side bar) were outside; roaming there territory, barking at the wind, doing there thing, when we heard a shreak. Ryan runs outside to investigate and there is a man from our gas company OUTSIDE our fence spraying my dog who is INSIDE the fence in the face with some liquid from a bottle. Axel is screaming and running around not understanding what the crap is going on. Ryan picks him up and the guy takes off. Ryan runs inside screaming.. telling me what was going down.

At this point, I am scared. I was like WHAT??! heart is racing and I'm only thinking MURDER. I am going to hurt this man... now I understand it is just a dog as some people like to say... but I consider my boys part of this family.. and if you jack with them.. you jack with me.

I run outside and see the guy driving off.. so I scramble to find my keys, give them to Ryan and say GO!

He chases the guy down to ask him WHAT THE HECK?! (sensored). He explains to Ryan that he cannot tell him what he sprayed in my dogs face about 20 times or what it was called. Ryan... a lot calmer than I would have been... told the man in a few choice words that this was NOT the end.

As Ryan is doing so, I am calling the vet, searching online, and rinsing my dogs face with milk and water. He cannot open his eyes and is foaming at the mouth. I was SHAKING from complete madness. I do not believe I have EVER been so angry. My dog is 13 lbs and was inside a fence..that this idiot was not in!! My dog was protecting his territory and family and this dummy has the nerve to hurt him!! My dog was barking at him..through the fence...because he was TRESPASSING! I am aware that this is his come in my yard and check my meter..but politely knock on the door and ask if we can bring our dogs in. Do not mace him.

We were both inside..both our cars were in the drive-way. I just see no reason for his actions.

Once everyone calmed down, and Axel was a tad better...I called the gas company and it was NOT pretty. I had a few choice words with a women, who transferred me to corporate in Houston, who told me she would have a supervisor call us back.

The supervisor took about an hour to call back and rudely apologized. He sounded like he could really care less. He said his worker felt threatened. Im sorry?!?! Threatened by a 13 lb dog that is on the OTHER side of the fence from you??? Apparently, policy is...if there is a dog in the fence to knock on door, if no answer, then leave without reading meter and send letter in mail...BUT he felt threatened by (may I remind you) a 13 lb dog that was on the OTHER side of the fence from him!! Ryan told him that this I will not say (dunno why!)... is NEVER to step foot on our property again. That he better be glad all he got was cursed out and not *beep* *beep* *beep*. He said he would put an electronic reader on our meter so they no longer had to come out. Well THANK YOU! (sarcasm much?) Thank you for tramatizing my dog. The guy did say policy and procedures were being looked at and this is NOT supposed to happen. Ryan did tell the supervisor that he is going to do this tone day to the wrong mans dog and get caught up in something he doesnt want (if you catch my drift).

I do not give a crud who or what you are... do NOT mess with someones dog who is in there own fenced in backyard just trying to protect their property. I am still furious just thinking about it. I sweet baby was MACED! Do you understand how bad that have to have hurt?? How bad it burned?? FOR NOTHING...because this idiot gets kicks from it??!

I need to buy a vowel... OOOOOO my gosh! Needless to say, Axel has been super spoiled ever since...eating human food and getting lots of loving from me, daddy, and lil!

BUT, as the title says...this is ONLY part 1 of this crazy day....stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday

This is my first time to do "What I'm Loving Wednesday" and I'm linking up with Jamie to do so. I could do this EVERYDAY because I'm always finding something new that I love!

Of course, I'm loving my Wednesday night show:

'Off The Map' on ABC

Im loving red velvet cake! I made some for my hubby on V-day and YUUUMMMMMY!

I am loving NETFLIX! I might have 104 movies waiting to be watched... addicted! Last movie I watched was Shutter Island. ME NO LIKEY! SCARRRY!

and I am loving my sweet little girls new outfit she got for Christmas!

What are you loving?!

Hannah's VDay Paaarta!

Hannah had a super fun Valentine Party at school on Monday! Ryan and I OF COURSE had to be there...we love going to all her school events. It just seems so crazy that we have a Kindergartener.

Here is Hannah and I eating some goodies:

and Daddy and Hannah still eating goodies (there was LOTS of sugar involved!):

This was the kids little set up before they came in. Inside the bag was "Candy Grames"..and Valentines from the other kids. Candy grames are .50 cents each and the kids or parents could send them to anyone in the school. Hannah sent them to some friends and teachers and she got one from her Daddy and Biggy (thats me) and Ryan's parents and some of her friends.

Since I am in the PTCO, formerly PTA, I was in charge of bringing the balloons. Do you know how hard it is to get 17 balloons in and out of buildings and in and out of your car?? It was well worth it thought b/c the kids loooved them!

Besides the party, I have been up to a few other things this week. Yesterday morning my internet at home was finally set up! 29 hours later, 6 phone calls later, and 2 technicians later I finally was able to get on the internet!! Aaahhh! Let us see how long it will stay on, shall we?

I'm am also in the process of trying to sale our wonderful little motorcycle. It is no longer needed..Ryan LOVES it, very much, but it is time to let go and move on. (I am not forcing him, trust me.)
This isn't the best picture but it's all I had.
Oh, and I am playing the Monopoly game at Albertsons... this is my first time and I looove it. So much fun.. dang I'm lame.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you guys have a great day filled with love and happiness!
A special Happy V Day to my one and only, the love of my life, best friend, and soul mate! I love you Ryan..forever and always!

I'm not that BIG into celebrating Valentine's day -- I think you should show your love to your significant other ALL the time -- not just one day a year. Therefore, we like to be super cheesy around Valentine's Day just because we can get away with it! This year my hubby gave me a stuffed pink teddy bear and a little tin can of chocolates on friday:

and I made him a cake: (I need work on my decorating skills!)

I wanted to write 'forever and always' on the cake but didn't have room so Ryan made fun of me because it is kind of demanding, psycho-ish, Be Mine F O R E V E R. Know what I mean?

Then Saturday, my hubby came home with a dozen pink roses and TWO more hearts filled with chocolate. I gave him some boxers that said "All You Need Is Love", a card, and a box of Ferro Rocher (his most fav candy.) TOTALLY forgot to take pics so I stole this from the internet just for visual purposes.

So once we were done being silly with presents neither of us really NEED.. we gave our real gifts on Sunday (not that we really NEED these either.) But, I got him a stupid X-Box game -- more on that later -- and he got me some jeans, undies, and shirts. Thanks hubs!

I'm not sure what we are going to do tonight..I'm out of presents to give him..ooops..I have a serious issue holding surprises.

I think we may watch a movie -- Shutter Island to be exact -- and make some tacos. Restaurants are always TOO busy on Valentine's Day. But we shall see!

Happy LOOOOVE Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Ryan and I had a tiny lil scare in our house...for the third time. Some people may say we live in the "ghetto" (for lack of a better word). I wouldnt say it is the nicest neighborhood..but I love my house and my neighbors really aren't that bad. I mean, Peaches, Southside, and Oil are like SUPER cool! ;) (Those are not made up names, they really are my neighbors.)

Anyway! When we first moved in back in November we were sitting on the couch watching a movie and may or may not have heard some gun shots. No cops ever showed so maybe it was our imagination or someone got shot and was sunk in a river. Im just saying.

Moving on to scare #2. We are in bed, sound asleep and POP POP. Gun shots...right by our window. Woke both dogs, me and Ryan up with a JOLT! So we knew it was real. We were like ooooooh crap. So Ryan jumps up, checks out the scene, nobody to be found, no sirens coming our way. These people are sneaky.

Scare #3 was last night. Im sleeping and all of the sudden:

Ryan: "Hanna, wake up! I heard something."

Me: "What?? Wait..what??"

R: (Grabs GUN, takes off threw house.)

Me: "Wha-wha-what did you hear??"

R: nothing

Me: "Hello??? What the heck (sensored) ??"

R: (Comes back to room, casually holding pistol in boxers.) "I went to turn the heater up and something crashed in the extra bedroom. I thought someone was breaking in. I checked every room and couldnt find anything. Sleep tight."

Me: "Seriously?? O M G. O M G. I am getting robbed!"

R: "I didn't find anything. Goodnight."

Ok...does he really expect me to go to sleep at this point?? I continue to ask him like 100 questions he continues to huff and puff like I am bothering him!! Oh no buddy -- you woke ME up with this crap!

We both ended up falling back to sleep...everything is still intact at my house so I guess they didn't find anything they wanted!

Here is to sleeping with one eye open!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Easy Peasy Enchys

I do not pride myself in cooking healthy, gourment meals for my family. I really need to work on that but for now I pride myself in cooking delicious, fast, easy food that makes my hubby's belly happy!! I did just that last night with this super Easy Enchilada recipe I found somewhere online.

You will need:

1 lb ground beef
1 can enchilada sauce
1 package of shredded cheese
1 block of cream cheese
7 or 8 tortillas

Brown your meat:

Melt your cream cheese:
Add half a can of enchilada sauce:

Add meat and mix:
Put mixutre into tortillas, roll, and place in cooking pan:
Spread remaining can of enchilada sauce onto tortillas:
Cover with cheese:

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or so and SERVE!:
YUM-O! Super fattening and super delicious!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I do not know if it is just me and my crazy self -- but I have the wildest dreams.

Sometimes they are so out there and plain ridiculous that I just don't understand how my mind could come up with it. They scare me a lot of the times, not like nightmareish scare but like freakish why would I be dreaming this?!?!

(fyi: if you havent noticed in the past, I make up my own words.)

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a few summers ago so maybe that contributes to my dreams... I honestly do not know. I can usually remember my dreams very well and love telling Ryan the crazy things my mind comes up with when it is asleep.

For instance, last night -- crazy, just plum crazy.

So in my dream, Hannah, Ryan and I are at Sea World. We are swimming around, enjoying the whales, soaking in the sun, just having a good time. When it is time to leave, we walk out to the car and low and behold the crazyness begins to happen. I get in my car, no steering wheel. My dang steering wheel has been stolen and I AM MAD! I start yelling and screaming that some idiot has done stole my steering wheel! Ryan suggests I call the cops as him and Hannah look around the parking lot for my steering wheel. I call 911, they transfer me, to 4 different people, no one cared, NO ONE CARED ABOUT MY STEERING WHEEL BEING STOLEN! I couldn't believe these people did not care, I mean, this was BIG! This was a crime! -- Then I woke up.

See what I mean? What is that? I'm having a wonderful, family vacation at Sea World (dunno why I am there, never thought of ever taking a vaca there but whateve!) then it is time to go home and my steering wheel is gone? Like, what??! And when I say I was mad; I mean mad. At the person who stole my steering wheel, at the we-dont-care cops, at evvverything!!

Weird. I don't like to "interpret" my dreams. I don't really feel like they are about something going on in my life at the time. I think they are just crazy stuff. I may be wrong but that is what I want to think and I'm sticking to it.

Do you ever have crazy, silly dreams? Or is it just me?? (please lie - i dont want it to be just me)

Loooving My New Look!

Guys! What do you think?!? Is my new blog design not the cutest thing you have EVER seen!

Jessica at Diamond Doll Design did AMMMAZING!! Now get your booty over there and get in on her Valentine's Day Special!


Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm So Random

Yes, I've been semi-absent for about a week. But no internet access will do that to you!

I just took about 5 hours of my life catching up on all my fav blogs and figured I should do a little post to catch you guys up. I have some random things I thought I would share!

1. I WANT AN E-READER. PERIOD. I love reading, I do it all the time. I am always in the middle of some book. I don't have any favs or anything particular I read, just any book I can get my hands on at the time. Right now I am reading Married Lovers by Jackie Collins. Super cute!

I read, maybe, 2-3 books a month. Were in the world I find the time is unbeknowing (is that a word?) to me. ANYWAY, I think an e-reader is really up my alley. I do not give a poop what kind, where from, how much, I just want one already!! The fact that I don't already have one is WILD in my opinion but apparently I am just cheap. Here are a few that I would take:

2. Am I the only person that participated in the McDonald's 50, yes FIFTY, chicken nuggets for $9.99 ??? What a S T E A L. No, my husband and I DID NOT eat all 50 by ourselves. We took it as our snack to the Super Bowl party that we attented last night. There was some left over but I think it was so worth it! You could feed a family of 5 off of that..for $9.99! Ridiculous!

3. Off The Map is the best show on TV right now. If you do not watch it, please start immediatly. I think only 4 episodes have come on, EVER, so you aren't too far behind! It is suuuper good. It's about these doctors that go to the "Jungle" to work at this clinic or something like that. Either way, it is a must see, plus I don't want it to go off the air, so I really need you to tune in! ;)

4. My super cool sister, Jessica, is making these new bow thingys for goes on there collar and they are super fab...but that will be a whole post in stay tuned for that!

5. I love all things books, food, movies, tv, etc. so if you have any favs let me know I will check them ooout!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goals for February

One of my sweet little blog buddies, Katie @ Modern-Day Family, has started doing monthly goals on her blog. I think it is super neat and have pondered doing them myself!

I could actually get some stuff lined out that I want/need to do by setting goals down in writing. It might actually help me get stuff done. I love lists and plans so I think monthly goals is really up my alley.

This is what I have come up with so far:

1. Cut Coupons! -- a friend at work does this and saves TONS of mullah, plus it's like a little hobby/obsession on the side that she really enjoys -- getting the thrill of the deal if ya know what I mean.

2. Do ATLEAST one load of laundry per night (wash,dry,fold) -- My hubby and I have a serious issue with laundry. If you saw my laundry room you might just faint, there is about 7 HUGE bins overflowing with dirty laundry. I cannot stand laundry -- it is my biggest weakness. MAYBE if I did atleast one load per night I could stay on top of it -- instead of doing 15 loads every weekend. And believe you me, we have been known to only do two loads per week: scrubs and his work uniform. Quite sad. Side story: This past November when I was once again trying to catch up on laundry by spending my entire Saturday in the laundry room -- I found a dirty bathing suit. Yes, it had been atleast 4 months since the summer and I was still finding dirty bathing suits! Grosssss.

3. Cook more MEALS at home -- Hubs and I don't eat out THAT MUCH but we don't eat good meals in either. I capitalized meals because when I cook at home it's more like hot dogs, ramon noodles, corn dogs, ya know, junk! So I want to start actually preparing decent, healthy, good meals for me and him. I do cook casserols sometimes and spaghetti out of the jar but nothing to really brag about. So, I want to start cooking meals like my momma did when I was home!

At this point this is all I have come up with. I know there is more I need to do but this is my first month to try this out so I don't want to be SUPER overwhelmed!

We will see how this goes and hopefully carry on to other months not just February.

Do you have any goals you want to accomplish this month?!?!