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Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend in Pics (and words!)

Hello Hello! I had a super lazy weekend which I totally enjoyed.

I watched lots of movies with my sweetie Spike --

Axel doesn't like watching movies with us -- he would rather look out the window and bark! So here is a pic of him and hubby just for good measure. ;)

Spike and I watched --

I enjoyed these movie. They weren't THE BEST MOVIE EVER but they were cute little movies to watch on a lazy saturday while hubby was at work!

Saturday night we went to a friends house to sit by a fire and relax some more. This is me and hubs all bundled up!

It didn't take long for the ladies to get too cold -- so we went inside and ordered a pizza and a movie. (I KNOW RIGHT! - THIRD MOVIE OF THE DAY!)

We LOVED this movie. Very suspensful, and kinda scary in my opinion! We screamed ATLEAST 6 times throughtout the movie.

Sunday, we had a birthday party to go to for this sweet little girl --

That's Miss Emilee. Ryan's step-brothers daughter. She is ADORABLE!

After the party, my sweet hubby surprised me and took me to BOOKS-A-MILLION! YAY!

BaM has a section towards the back on Hard Back Fiction books on sale -- I love to get them and read them (of course) then take off the cover and store them in my bookself! These books are reguarly $20-$30 and I got them for $7.97 and $5.97!

Then, if that wasn't enough movie watching -- Ryan and I watched one of our favorite movies before bed last night -- BOOK OF ELI -- if you have not seen this movie YOU MUST!! It is ammmazing.

That brings us to right now -- Monday morning -- BOOOOO. ;(

Here's to a good week... please?!?!

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jill said...

hope monday treated you nicely, sweet girl. yay for all the movie-watching! i've been dying to see valentine's day but just never got around to it ... sounds cute!