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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Picture Love

Since my last two post didn't have pictures -- I feel an urgent need to put some up! I absolutly looove pictures, I love taking them, I love looking at them, I love them!

I picked out some cute random pics I thought you might enjoy --

This is Hannah and I in our matching aprons. One of Ryan's cousins gave them to us at a wedding shower -- Our initials are engraved on the top and we LOVE to wear them while backing cookies and cupcakes and making Kool-Aid.

This was my absolute favorite part of my wedding. Ryan and I choose to do unity sand instead of candles and thought it would be perfect that have Hannah pour some too -- considering we were all three uniting into one big family! I poured Green, Hannah did White, and Ryan did Black. It was SUCH a special time for me!

This is when I got the WILD idea to dye my hair dark. First and Last time I will do that. Some people liked it -- or so they said -- but it just wasn't for me! (excuse my husbands face in this picture, its like pulling teeth to get a NORMAL picture out of him.)

This was our first family picture together. We were outside of Ironwood Grill about 3 years ago and my step-mom shot it for us. I think it is so cute because of Hannah's face! She looks THRILLED! haha

This is me and my two sisters -- Jessica is on the left, Kaite is on the right. I love this pic of us three. They both live in Louisiana so it is rare for us to be able to get together!

Is this not the best picture?! That is my sweet baby boy Spike -- I was reading a book in bed and got all cozy with me!

This is my big boy, Axel. He is a daddy's boy for sure, but when momma gets the camera he comes a running! He loooves to get really close to the camera for some weird reason, so most of my pics of him are just his head because he wont back up!

This is the bench in Austin, TX Ryan and I got engaged on! We had walked around and shopped and needed a break, so we sat down to relax and BAM he was on one knee!! It was ammmmazing. (yes, he made fun of me for taking a picture of the bench!)

Ryan absolutly loves this picture. He has been teaching Hannah how to skate and skateboard since the day she could walk. He has skateboarded most of his life and wants Hannah to be a skater girl! She looks sooo adorable doing it too!

This is what happens when you tell Hannah to hurry, hurry, hurry, put your shoes on!! OOOps, might should give her a little extra time! ;)

Me and my baby doing what we do best --- LOOKING LIKE IDIOTS!!

Have a good rest of the week!!

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jill said...

cute aprons!! maybe one of those would motivate me to cook? probably not, but it would definitely look pretty hanging in my kitchen. ha!