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Monday, January 17, 2011


If you know me -- AT ALL (like for 5 minutes) -- then you would know I LOVE peacocks. Not too sure where my obsession began -- as a kid our next door neighborhood had one that would just roam around our yards that I thought was so beautiful but I really didn't start LOVING them until a few years ago.

My wedding was done in kelly green, lanterns, and peacock feathers. Lots and Lots of peacock feathers. It was sooo perfect and gorgeous! (atleast I thought so!)

The flower girls even threw peacock eyes (tips of the feathers) while walking down the aisle instead of flower petals!

I still have some peacock feathers left over from our wedding that I use to decorate around our house. Not only are they gorgeous and my most fav thing but everytime I see them it reminds me of that awesome day! I love when people comment on them and I can say, "Those are actually the feathers from our wedding!"

The colors in them are so vibrant and can really be used to decorate a room around. I love using them for decorations and EVERYWHERE I go I HAVE to look for peacock stuff! This past year Pier1 had TONS of peacock stuff for christmas trees so I OF COURSE bought everything I could get my hands on and plan on doing my whole tree next year in peacock feathers, peacock ornaments (that I got a peir1) and purples, blues, and greens!! I'm so excited --- is it really only Jan. 17th and I'm already planning my Christmas tree??


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jill said...

loooooove. gorgeous!!!