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Friday, January 7, 2011

My New Obsession

So, I have lots of obsessions --- is it just me??

Owls, peacocks, coffee mugs, tea pots, grey, etc, etc, -- it's almost as if I dont just LIKE something I LOVE it and have to have tons of it -- weird.

Well, I recently required a new obsession --- arm purses. Is that the correct phrase? Ooooh -- maybe the phrase is handbags?? (just saw that online, blonde moment I suppose.)

Anyway, here are some examples.

See what I mean?

Purse on the shoulder is no longer my thing -- it's purse on the arm from now on. Am I behind in this fad?!

I got my first "arm purse" for christmas from my MIL and I am in LOOOVE! It reminds me of this little 'Betsey Johnson' gem below --- not as expensive, actually straight from TJMAXX (another obsession we will discuss later.)

Problem is, I only have ONE purse now --- gotta go shop!! Byye!


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