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Lilypie Maternity tickers

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's in the water.

MMMMM hmmmm that is right. Pregnant women are EVVVVERYWHERE!!

And I just LOVE it. It is ammmazing! Little babies make me so happy and little pregnant women do too.

But, It's totally freaking me out and I would just die right now if it happened to me -- I mean I would LOVE a baby -- but I haven't even been married 4 months, I am NOT financially ready, I am SCARED of pain, needles, etc. SO NO THANKS!

On the other hand, I am sooo thrilled for all my friends that are expecting -- off the top of my head -- a girl at work, a good friend of mine, a girl at my moms work, and atleast 2 of my blog buddies. INSANE. That is 5 ladies.. not THAT many to you maybe?? Well, it's A LOT to me!

The other day at work my sweet co-worker announced she was pregnant and the next TWO patients that walked through the door were pregnant and I was like UMMM should I go take a test?!?!?!

Good note: I have an obsession (hehe I have lots--I know)with buying baby stuff!! I don't even know what it is but if I find out someone is pregnant I go straight to the store or the internet. Want to see some of my fav things to get???

Oooook, you pulled my leg:


What ya think?? Don't you just love personalized stuff??

Me too, me too.


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Tiffany said...

Oh Hanna!! I think for the past four years everyone I know has been or is prego! I think you would make a beautiful mommy! Oh.. and My mother always said if you wanted till you were financially ready for kids you would never have any! :)