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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog Wish List

I figured since I started my new blog -- I would kind of write down a few things I was hoping to accomplish with this and later on look back and see if any of my "dreams" came true!

Blogs mean different things to me -- a place for family and friends to keep up, a place to rant and rave, a place to go to for advice, a place to get reviews on products/services, etc.

I'm wanting for mine to be more of rant and rave, review, giveaway, funny, happy blog. Know what I mean?

So a few things I want to accomplish over the next year or so -- a bucket list if you will ---

1. Get a blog makeover from a professional!

2. Get 1000 followers.

3. Meet some fabulous women.

4. Do some "real" reviews on products.

5. Do some giveaways!

6. Have sponsers/ads/etc.

Whatcha think?? It is possible?? Maybe, maybe not...but that's what dreams are all about right??


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